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so dirty, everyday

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January 2001: In a filthy, dark and cold joinery workshop in an industrial park in Lower Hutt, CRUMB (Carter Nixon – Vocals, John Davidson – Drums, Vinnie Menon – Bass, Aaron Passmore – Guitar) began writing and recording demos and sending them out to record companies with the hope that they may one day get the chance to release a kick arse rock’n roll album.

Two years later CRUMB found themselves at Helen Young Studio in Auckland (a far cry from their industrial park beginnings), with the backing of Antenna Records, working on their debut album titled “So Dirty, Every Day”. An album that manages to combine all the things CRUMB know and love – big loud guitars, crashing drums…and themselves. The album title came from a cleaning woman at the hotel where CRUMB were staying while recording the album. One afternoon while brining the boys fresh towels she collapsed in tears on the floor at the filth the band had created in their room, exclaiming that CRUMB were “So dirty…every day!”

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[x]The four wonderful bastards

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